To Catch A Thief

We are very proud to announce that Quill & Quaver Associates has secured the exclusive underlying dramatic rights for the musical stage adaptation of David Dodge’s much-loved novel, To Catch A Thief. The novel is published by Bruin Crimeworks. Licensing courtesy of the Estate of David Dodge and Curtis Brown, Ltd. with generous assistance from Bruin Books, LLC Publishers.

TO CATCH A THIEF is David Dodge’s most famous novel. Alfred Hitchcock firmly cinched its place in the annals of crime fiction by adapting it into an Academy Award winning film starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in 1955. The story centers on John Robie, American expatriate and skilled gymnast, who once-upon-a-time was Le Chat, the famous and elusive cat burglar operating in the South of France. Following the war, Robie has retired to a quiet life on the French Riveria having vowed to leave his past behind. His retirement is suddnely shattered when a copy-cat burglar begins to commit a string of robberies that puts the police once again on the trail of Le Chat. Robie must catch the phony jewel thief before the police catch him.

The Bruin Books edition of TO CATCH A THIEF is the first publication of the novel in many years and includes an introduction by Randal S. Brandt and afterword by Jean Buchanan.