Castle Gillian

Quill & Quaver Associates is thrilled to have secured the underlying musico-dramatic rights for the 1948 novel Castle Gillian by beloved Irish storyteller, Maurice Walsh, the author of the short-story The Quiet Man made famous by the 1952 John Ford cinema-classic starring Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. Licensing courtesy of the Estate of Maurice Walsh.

Ireland 1946: Gillian Morris, a renowned trainer and owner of the once esteemed racing stable Castle Gillian has retreated from the world since the death of his wife. Gill, his son, recently returned from the War has lost his way in life; and so it is left to Mary, his daughter, to try to keep the stable going but which has become heavily in debt to the bank and at imminent risk of foreclosure. A malevolent local landowner, Garret Ward, offers to settle the family’s debt in return for a controlling interest in Castle Gillian; however, marrying Mary is also part of his deal. Central to the story is the romantic relationship between Gill and his childhood sweetheart, Sylvia, which has been profoundly affected by his horrendous battle experiences in WWII.

Castle Gillian will have its digital world premiere in September 2023.