With offices in New York and Melbourne, Australia, Quill & Quaver Associates is one of the world’s leading companies in developing full VR and 360˚ video applications as fully immersive experiences of being inside a Broadway musical. With the use of a head-tracking or spatial tracking VR headset we design shows where the user is able to have a fully interactive experience by taking over the role of a key character in the story and perform that role from a first-person perspective or, simply, choose to be present inside the world as the drama of the story unfolds around you.

We provide unparalleled expertise in reimagining how to relocate theatrical storytelling and music into the digital space by completely reimagining how contemporary audiences engage with entertainment content.

The long-term vision of Quill & Quaver is to provide a significant digital footprint for Broadway theatrical producers by extending the reach of their shows beyond the limitation of high-risk, financially precarious and proportionally high failure investment inherent in physical productions, by diversifying the touchpoints for greater ROI through accessing global audiences.