Accelerated by the current SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic, the future viability of orchestras and the means by which they present their musical programming is at the crossroads.

Classical Music’s orchestras are essential beacons of the rich cultural legacy bequeathed to them from composers from the Renaissance to the present day.

Unfortunately, programming and presentation models which have served the orchestral industry well over many decades in the post WWII era are fast becoming out-of-touch with contemporary audience engagement practices. This is not a function of the increasingly diverse music they perform, but because established business models upon which orchestral administrations have relied have become increasingly unfit for the means by which contemporary audiences consume media and entertainment. In essence, they have been slow to react to the new reality of media rich experiential performance design.

Pre-recorded and live streaming models through OTT services have so predominated efforts to pivot to a viable digital strategy but, in the longer term, streaming is not a solution for orchestras wishing to grow their business and financial longevity.

At Quill & Quaver Associates, we design encompassing VR/XR and mixed reality experiences of the classical music repertoire in which audiences delve into an immersive worlds of sound, music, people and place to become part of the experience and not as just passive observers.