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Storytelling Revolution

The research arm of Quill & Quaver Asssociates continues to develop exploratory projects in theatrical and concert music-based mulitplatform storytelling.

Primarily focused on the approaches to digital storytelling and the mechanisms through which online experiences are developed as user engagement experiences, we develop projects for external clients upon request as well as prototype solutions for our own in-house projects.

There is considerable hype around this type of emerging entertainment experience but, as as of now, it cannot be considered a mainstream experience option.  Nonetheless, multiplatform storytelling is the future as entertainment continues to fragment across the multiple devices used daily by consumers – especially the mobile platform.

Unlike UX experiences increasingly being created as shortform, 3rd-screen, experiences for franchise television and film marketing purposes, we are focused on the development on longform narrative experiences  and in-depth explorations of linear narrative storytelling.  This is what we refer to as ‘Storytelling Evolution’.

Latest News

In August 2017, we developed a third interactive project for the Australian Discovery Orchestra – a world-leading classical music organization breaking new ground in interactive audience development strategies – as part of their annual live-streamed concert season.


Based on the need for audiences unused to Opera to be given a simple and highly interactive introduction to one of Puccini’s most-loved operas, Tosca, we created a timeline based project to see how the opera unfolds its drama, as well as to serve to introduce audiences to the main characters and their motivations in this incendiary, noire-style, music drama.

In addition to this interactive experience we also created a unique Music Map using the MapsAlive platform to further enhance the audience understanding of the ‘where and why’ for each geographical location in the opera.

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Tosca_Rome_ExperienceThe game-like environment was built by technology partners Ortelia Interactive with stunning illustrations by Amanda Howes.

Earlier in April this year, we completed a second project for the Australian Discovery Orchestra as part of a special project they were asked to curate for the inaugural Independent Schools Victoria (Aust.) Arts learning Festival.

The Miranda’s Waltz | Imaginary Symphony No. 1 interactive 3-D world was launched on 21 April 21.

The game-like environment was built by technology partners Ortelia Interactive with stunning illustrations by Amanda Howes.


©Ortelia Interactive 2017. All Rights Reserved.

 In 2016, we designed a fully-interactive 3-D world for the Australian Discovery Orchestra for Aaron Copland’s opera. The Tender Land. The game-like environment was built by technology partners, Ortelia Interactive.

The ADO is one of the world’s most innovation professional symphony orchestras. Passionate about building audience engagement and finding new audiences for classical music, they have made their first foray into creating game-style immersive environments free-of-charge to anyone and everyone around the world. You can interact with it here.

the tender land

The tender land

The tender land

©Ortelia Interactive 2017. All Rights Reserved.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that development on our world-first, interactive, thriller-genre, transmedial film/theatre/opera project The Man With 100 Faces: a story of honor, espionage and the rescue of Britain’s greatest spy, is moving ahead full-steam. Based on a true story, this new transemedial interactive work is being created in collaboration with companies including Ortelia Interactive and with 2-D Art by Amanda Howes. Check out some amazing screen shots below from Level-1 ‘Scotland Chase’ episode.

This project has a long lead time because of its realtime interaction complexity, so check back on The Man With 100 Faces pages for occasional updates.