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17 November 2017

new cd

Divine Art to release orchestral album by Nan Schwartz


Grammy winner, 5-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz, is unquestionably America’s most renowned woman composer except for one notable exception – her own symphonic works for the concert stage had, until now, previously never been recorded.  This remarkable omission from the classical music-recording catalogue has finally been rectified with this extraordinary album, conducted by the eminent New York-based Australian conductor, Kevin Purcell.

This much anticipated and extraordinary record will be released by Divine Art Records in the spring in both CD and digital formats. Kevin Purcell conducts The Synchron Stage Orchestra, Wien and the Bratislava Studio Symphony Orchestra.

Friends for many years, it was only by chance that when Nan sent Kevin her symphonic tone-poem for Trumpet and Orchestra (Angels Among Us) to review did the Australian maestro casually enquire, “Nan, what else have you composed for the concert stage that no-one knows about?”  And the answer to that question gave birth to 2018’s most highly anticipated classical album. Taking two years to produce, across three continents, the 83-piece orchestra Vienna sessions are augmented by the crème-de-la-crème of New York’s finest Jazz musicians and two brilliant Australian soloists combining to create the orchestral masterpieces Aspirations and Perspectives.

The four works by Nan Schwartz on this album are ingeniously coupled with the premiere recording of Australian composer Brenton Broadstock’s evocative Concerto For Orchestra: an homage to the iconic Miles Davis album ‘Kind of Blue’.


DIvine_Art_LogoDivine Art DDA 25165, to be released in March 2018 (CD, Hi-Def 24-bit audio, lossless FLAC and MP3 download options)



Full Track List

Nan Schwartz:

Aspirations (11:28)

Perspectives (9:41)

Angels Among Us (15:42)

Romanza (4:57)

Brenton Broadstock:

Concerto for Orchestra (Made in Heaven) (25:30)