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Quill & Quaver Associates is proud to have an association with Symphonica Recording.  Led by Vladimir Martinka, founder and general manager of Symphonica Recording, the company offers unrivalled services in all aspects of music production and recording utilising members of Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Bratislava Slovak Philharmonia, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Philharmony Choir.

Symphonica Recording is the preferred supplier of recording services for all projects undertaken by Quill & Quaver Associates, and we are able to negotiate preferential rates for our clients.

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Play Pause Record provide specialist music services in project management and co-ordination for concert events and recording sessions.

Our concert event management and recording session services include contracting musicians and artists for live performances or recording sessions, with the option of entire project management. Our in-house orchestrators and copyists provide a complete and comprehensive service, delivering fully orchestrated scores and parts for concert events, live entertainment productions, music theatre, as well as orchestrations for film, TV, and games.